Flexible, lightweight, textile solution to collect

 data or control systems in any industry.


We create our soft circuits by printing our patented conductive ink onto fabric, so the resulting circuits are wire-free.

Our products have been listed by the UK’s Department for International Trade as 1 of 30 of the brightest tech innovations from the UK alongside Carbon Fiber and Graphene.

Our smart textile sensors provides a three dimensional X, Y and Z signal when pressure is applied to its surface. This signal measures change of pressure.

Talk to us about how you can use this technology to measure data, collect information or control systems in your industry.


Our Sampler Development Kit was designed specifically to give you and easy ways to test all the types of Infi-tex sensors. It is a plug&play device with a web based UI, no need to install anything. However, you can also read the raw data and use it in your own system.


Our sensors are...


(not piezo-electric)

Our resistive pressure sensors are formed from multi-layered prints which makes the product less prone to false positives



Our fabric is based on proprietary conductive ink and readings from the textile are transmitted wire-free via Bluetooth or any other connection.


Our low power and low-cost environmentally-friendly printable switches and sensors can play a significant role in solving global challenges including reducing the environmental impact of sensors and electronics.







The sensor design is very flexible and can be adjusted to perfectly fit your needs. Different kinds of sensors can be scaled up and down, reshaped or combined into any configuration. 


Our development kits are printed on a dark-grey Alcantara fabric. It is washable, durable and still feels nice to touch. We can, however, produce sensors on a wide variety non-stretch fabrics depending on your needs.


We use small poppers to connect the fabric sensors with electronics. This is great for prototyping, however your final sensors can be made to fit most standard connectors or use conductive adhesives or threads.


YKK® and Infi-tex® proudly announce the successful culmination of their ground-breaking collaboration on a smart zipper project.

YKK, a global leader in fastening products and architectural solutions, joined forces with Infi-tex to develop a revolutionary smart zipper. It detects when it is fully closed and notifies a remote device of its state. A safety jacket with this zipper has been created as a prototype and a demonstration of this unique feature. However, this technology promises to redefine modern zippers in many applications, from safety gear to luggages, camping, sports and more.

The partnership between the two companies was characterised by rapid delivery, and a shared dedication to innovation. Both are poised to continue making waves in the industry as they work together to push the boundaries of zipper technology and pave the way for a more connected and intelligent future.


We can start from our Development Kits or customise an existing design. Our technical toolkit and extensive industry experience allows us to support you through the prototyping process.

You provide the problem. We provide our prototyping solution. We offer a technical toolkit of data producing sensors combined with industry expertise to support you.

We are committed to guide you to get a successful solution for your application. So our Prototype Development team can become yours in case you need it. Infi-Tex service concept includes different tasks, from designing of the circuitry solution to printing the sensors. In case you need assistance with data management our partners will provide the necessary resources.

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What base materials can be used?

Infi-Tex can produce prints for virtually any fabric; elastic, non-elastic, waterproof, knitted, woven, non-woven, synthetic, natural, felt etc. However, films, rubbers and other sheet materials are not possible to use.


The sensors can be washed. However, we have no test data from use in wet environments and therefore cannot guarantee performance if the sensor has not fully dried. Waterproof fabrics can be used in wet environments if the edges are sealed.


All our sensors have a smooth, hard wearing finish, however there is no lifetime wear test data.


The sensor is designed for use between 0C and 40C. It cannot be exposed to >80C or <-10C. It cannot be ironed.


All sensors rely on a tiny airgap between two coated fabric layers. If they are glued, the sensor will no longer function. However, it is fine to bond the area around the sensor, forming a ‘blister’ over the sensor.

We can make sensors in custom shapes. However our standard Multi-touch developer kit features a rectangular mat, our button strip developer kit has 4 buttons and out insoles developer kit are size **number**. We use a combination of standard and custom produced fabrics so we can meet any size or pitch requirements you have. If required, we have a variety of pressure sensitive materials to meet the force range of your application.