A demonstrator kit that enables you to experience how our force-sensitive e-textile sensors feel and behave. It is the way to start our potential collaboration.


The Sampler contains various types of sensors that can be printed using our technology. It is a plug&play device with a web based UI, no need to install anything. However, you can also read the raw data and use it in your own system or prototype.

Multi-touch Mat measures an array of 10×6 sections individually. It is well suited for applications where multiple pressure points need to be monitored at the same time.

Force-pad returns an X, Y, Z coordinates representing an average position of all pressures exerted on the sensor at any moment, similar to how a touchpad works.

Slider lets you set a range of values just by moving a finger, for example to control a volume, without a need for any mechanical components.

Key pad is an array of printed buttons the share a connection to ground. It can be used to prototype interaction with many devices, not just ones with number keyboards.

Button offers the simplest possible interaction with many various use-cases as an on/off switch or a pressure detector.

Each kit comes with
the following items:


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